Jewelry & Tools for the Mystically Minded

At Ritual Gems, our jewelry is designed to be more than just beautiful accessories; they are portals to the mystical. Each piece carries a touch of nature’s secrets, inviting you to explore and connect with the unseen threads that weave through our existence.

“The quality is great and Liz was amazing at working with me on my custom piece. Shipping was quick and well packaged. I will order again!”

- Kris

“Absolutely exactly what I wanted. The energy in these malas is transformative – they tell me what they need from me and vice versa.”

- Susanne

“Absolutely stunningly gorgeous! I’m using these as wearable prayer beads. Such a comfort to wear them every day. Very sturdy and very sparkly!”

- Mecha

“The mala is well made and simply perfect for my mediation practice. The knots are super tight and the materials are of great quality.”

- Amy

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What is a mala?

Malas are traditionally tools of meditation. Much like a rosary, as you recite your mantra or intention, you move a bead over a finger, which can help your mind stay focused on your practice.

Today, mala beads are also popular to wear as necklaces or bracelets to serve as reminders of one’s path, purpose, or personal intention.

Malas come in different styles and number of beads.  Traditionally malas are 108 beads, but smaller malas at 54 or 27 beads are also found and some traditions incorporate additional marker beads.  At Ritual Gems, our malas are hand-knotted between each bead.  This creates a mala that is easy to meditate with and adds an additional bit of strength to the piece, as each knot will tighten before the cord snaps.

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