About Us

Ritual Gems is the home of authentic gemstone malas & ritual-inspired jewelry. Our pieces are designed with the highest standards and only high quality components go into all of our items.  All of the jewelry items on our website are made exculsivly by Ritual Gems in the USA.  Our malas are crafted either in house, or designed by us and made by a select group of female artisans in India. We choose to work with these crafters to support the culture who gave us these sacred tools.

Our Promise to You

Our dedication to quality extends beyond the craftsmanship, encompassing a comprehensive approach to design and functionality. Every product is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of customer satisfaction, ensuring that each purchase embodies our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value.

Lepidolite Labradorite Mala

Gift Wrapped

All malas & jewelry come wrapped in a gift box. A card & gift message can be included at no extra cost, just leave a note with purchase.


All of our items are hand-crafted.  Our jewelry & prayer beads are all US made. The majority of our malas are crafted by our team of artisans in India, respecting the culture they originated.

High Quality

We use only the best quality components. All gemstones are natural and not man-made, altered or dyed. Metals are all jewelry grade.

Made with Love

Everything from Ritual Gems is made with care and intension. Each and every item is closely inspected for quality and we only work with trusted sources who pay fair wages. 

Only The Best Quality

International Gem Society

What sets a Ritual Gems creation apart from the rest? It’s our unwavering commitment to sourcing authentic and premium gemstones and materials. None of our gemstones are artificially dyed or man-made; when we say “amethyst,” we mean precisely that.

Navigating the current gemstone market can be like wandering through a maze of uncertainties. Many well-intentioned artisans lack the expertise to distinguish between genuine and imitated gemstones. At Ritual Gems, we have a strict policy of sourcing only from the most reputable and trustworthy suppliers, allowing us to assure you of the authenticity of every gemstone in our collection.

Our dedication to precision and quality means that each gemstone in our lineup is guaranteed to emanate its fullest energies, supporting you and your intentions. At Ritual Gems, we don’t just create jewelry; we ensure that every adornment you choose resonates with the genuine magic found in nature’s treasures, empowering you to carry a piece of the mystical wherever life may take you.

My Story

Liz Nichols

Owner – Jeweler – Designer

Liz - founder of Ritual Gems

Liz’s love of gemstones started at a very young age. She frequently visited the Smithsonian Institute Museum as a child, where she would spend hours peering into the display cases in the gemstone, mineral and fossil section. Although her love of stones made a geology degree tempting, her love of chemistry and how the body functioned lead her follow a path in the life sciences.

After graduating with a Biochemistry & Genetics degree, Liz continued exploring her fascination with crystals in a macro-molecular crystallography lab where she was in charge of growing crystals from protein molecules.

But, despite a love of science and her work in a biomedical lab, her life took a different direction after a big move in 2008.  Now, running Ritual Gems and crafting jewelry is her full time passion. After several courses in metalsmithing she took a course in wax carving with Joel Olson where she found a love for this medium. While she still loves working with a torch, many of her more recent designs are made with the lost wax casting process.

About Us - Natalie Flowers Artist

Natalie Flowers

Natalie is a skilled crafter who loves to knit and sew. She creates the beautiful meditation cushions found on our website.

About Us - Joel Olson

Joel Olson

Joel is an expert jeweler, goldsmith, silversmith & model maker. He has designed or assisted in designing several pieces for Ritual Gems.


Ritual Gems is located on the Kitsap Penninsula, near Seattle, WA.  To arrange a visit to our workshop, contact us.



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