Our Partners in India

At Ritual Gems we believe in creative collaboration, where the fusion of timeless skills and innovative ideas breathes new life into traditional craftsmanship for modern markets. Our collection of India made malas & jewelry not only speaks to the richness of tradition but also empowers the lives of the talented makers behind each piece.

When you choose to purchase from us, you not only acquire an exceptional piece but also contribute to the betterment of the lives of our talented artisans, preserving and perpetuating the cherished heritage of India’s mala making.

Our process begins with the careful development of a sample mala design, laying the foundation for a seamless partnership with our skilled crafters, resulting in stunning pieces available for you to explore in our shop. Below, we proudly introduce a select few of these exceptional artisans, each playing a pivotal role in crafting the essence of our offerings.

India Mala Partners - India mala artisan
India Mala Partners - India mala crafting
India Mala Partners - India woman mala artisan
India Mala Partners - Indian Women Laying our mala designs
India Mala Partners - mala design making in India
India Mala Partners - Indian woman making sandalwood mala

Support our Indian artisans in these collections