Sizing Guide

Bracelet Sizing Guide

To determine what size to order, follow these steps:

  1. Wrap a string around the smallest part of your wrist. Make the wrap as snug as you can without depressing the skin or cutting off your circulation. Alternatively, use a strip of paper if string isn’t available – but be careful not to get a paper cut.
  2. Note the size by pinching down on the string or marking it with a pen.
  3. Hold the string up to a ruler and note the size as closely as possible in cm or inches
  4. Our standard sizing is for a snug fit that’s not too tight so order the size corresponding to your wrist size or larger.


Tips on ordering just the right size bracelet:

  • Order up.  For instance, if your wrist size is 6.1 inches and you order for a size 6 because it’s closest, the bracelet may be too snug.  Instead, order the next size up and if you prefer a snug fit, simply leave a note at checkout with your wrist size and we will custom make it for your ideal fit.
  • If you prefer a loose fitting bracelet, let us know in the note section at checkout.  To help us out, let us know both your wrist size and your ideal size bracelet by using the sizing instructions above to measure with a string, loosening the string to the loose fit and taking that measurement as well.
  •  Note that because of the size of the bead, exact measurements aren’t always possible, especially with the larger 8mm beads.  To get the best fit, always send us your wrist size along with your order, so we know if 1 more bead would allow for a better fit.

Our Guarantee

If your bracelet does not fit, we resize with no charge. You pay return shipping to the shop and back but the resizing is on us. We understand that sizing bracelets can be challenging and we want you to wear your bracelet so please don’t hesitate to have yours resized for the prefect fit. We can even provide a return postage label which can even save you time and money.

Did your bracelet break within the first year of wear? We offer the same free remake policy. Even if you are missing a bead or two, send it back to us and we will repair and send it back for only the cost of shipping.

Mala Sizing Guide

Our mala beads are typically 6mm to 8mm in size, with a few noted exceptions.

Our smaller size malas are crafted with 6mm size beads. These easily fit over most people’s heads to be worn as a necklace and are suitable for meditation although some will find this smaller bead size takes more time to get comfortable with. There can be some slight variation in bead size give or take a half millimeter so the sizing can have some range. Depending on the bead hole size, the knotting cord may be thinner or thicker and create different size knots. The style of knotting can also impact the overall length. All of these factors create variation in the overall length of a 6mm mala. However, you can expect that most 6mm malas will vary in size between 28 – 32 inches around.

Our larger size malas are crafted with 8mm size beads. These are the most popular size for malas as most people find this size is easiest to use in japa mala meditation. They are also suitable to be worn as a necklace as well.  Like the 6mm size, you can expect some variation in bead size, although these are rarely any larger than 8mm. Most of the time an 8mm mala will vary in size between 36 – 42 inches around.

Occasionally you find the off-sizes, such as 7mm size beads on the market.  This is not a standard size, so is not always available, but is a great size for a mala so we do try to carry this size bead when possible.