Sandalwood has a deep, woody scent and often smells like a mix of floral, rich, balsamic, soft, and sweet accents. It is found to be relaxing and calming, helping making one feel at peace without the feelings of drowsiness. Research has that sandalwood brings about a feeling of harmony along with present, clear and calm awareness. All of these factors make it a very popular choice in malas for meditation and daily wear.

We use natural Australian sandalwood to craft the beads in our malas & jewelry.  High quality sandalwood essential oil is then added to enhance the scent. The essential oil will last quite some time, but eventually will dissipate with use, and leave the natural subtle scent of the wood. To enhance, you simply add more essential oil of your choice. If worn on the skin, the wood will absorb your natural oils and darken slightly with time.

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