Shanti Mala Collection

Within the enchanting mantra “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti” lies a potent secret – it purifies, cleanses, and connects you with your higher self. Each mala in this collection is crafted with a single intention – to nurture your well-being, liberating your body from the weight of suffering and freeing your mind from the burden of worries.

Each mala in this collection is an artistic creation by Ritual Gems, brought to life through the skilled hands of a special collective of women artisans from the heart of India. With every purchase, you play an instrumental role in empowering these women, granting them invaluable opportunities for meaningful work, and enabling them to provide for their families with dignity and pride. Your support goes far beyond adorning yourself with these beautiful creations; it becomes a beacon of hope and transformation for the lives of these resilient artisans. [learn more]