Amazonite Crystal Point Bracelet



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Our Amazonite Crystal Point Bracelet features a large double point quartz crystal with amazonite gemstone beads and fine silver OM bead. The crystal is cut from all natural clear quartz and as such, each one is unique in the natural inclusions and patterns but all are nearly the same size and shape.

BEADS:  amazonite & clear quartz crystal

Amazonite connects the energies of the heart and throat chakras aiding one in the ability to speak truth and manifest one’s desires. It is considered a stone of luck, integrity and hope. Brings calm, lessens stress and banishes self destructive behaviors by building self-esteem. Soothing to the nerves, it empowers one to discover one’s own truths and integrity. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries.

Clear Quartz Crystal amplifies the spiritual energy of the wearer or the area where it is placed. It is considered a powerful cleanser for mind and body, providing alignment with the higher self.
With double terminated quartz, it is believed that you give and receive energy, since it channels the energy in both directions. In that way, it can help to connect you with everyone who enters your life. As you move through your day-to-day life, you may find you see the good in everyone you come across, giving you more patience, understanding, and allowing you to receive their positive energy. In return, you’ll give them positive energy, as you are able to exhibit kindness and gratitude towards them. This giving and receiving of energy deepens your spirituality and connectedness with the world outside of your meditation practice.


Bracelet may be up to 1/4 inch larger than size but will never be smaller than the size you order. To determine your wrist size, wrap a string or cloth ruler around the smallest part of your wrist.  Order your wrist size for a snug but comfortable fit.  Order 1 size up for a looser fit. If you are between sizes, we recommend ordering up.  You are welcome to leave a note at checkout as to your exact size and we will do the best to match that.


  • 6mm amazonite gemstone beads
  • double point quartz crystal*
  • strung on extra strong stretch cord
  • Designed & crafted by Liz Nichols in Seattle, WA



*Each double point crystal is unique but will be approximately the same size. They all measure 35-40mm tall, 20-24mm wide & ~12mm thick.

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