Amber Flame Necklace


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

Our Amber Flame Necklace captures the essence of warmth and transformation. This handcrafted piece features genuine Baltic Amber, renowned for its captivating, deep hues and natural beauty, set in finely worked sterling silver. The design mimics a serene fire pit, where flames of silver encircle the amber, creating a mesmerizing display that draws the eye and ignites the imagination.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the necklace reflects careful craftsmanship, combining the raw allure of nature with the refined elegance of sterling silver. Baltic Amber, a gemstone known for its rich, fiery colors and organic origin, is perfectly complemented by the silver’s cool luster, embodying the balance between fire and metal. Ideal for those who feel a deep connection to the earth and its elements, the Amber Flame Necklace serves as a symbol of renewal, energy, and inner warmth.

This piece is gracefully suspended from a dark brown leather cord, adding an earthy, organic touch that beautifully contrasts the shimmer of sterling silver and the glow of Baltic Amber. Securing the necklace is our distinctive Ritual logo button clasp, designed and crafted in house. This unique closure not only provides ease of wear but also adds a bespoke touch to the piece. The leather cord itself is designed to offer some flexibility in lengths, with 2 button loops, either at 18 or 19 inches.

Each element of the Amber Flame Necklace, from the radiant Baltic Amber to the adjustable dark brown leather cord, has been carefully curated to craft a piece that’s not just an accessory, but a personal talisman, resonating with those who wear it on levels beyond the aesthetic.


  • Baltic Amber in sterling silver setting
  • leather cord necklace
  • sterling silver signatureRitual button clasp
  • adjustable, 2 button loops give the option for 18 or 19 inch necklace
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