Labradorite Sandalwood Bracelet



Labradorite & sandalwood stretch bracelet with tiny bronze or silver glass spacers between each labradorite bead. Custom made to your size. Each bracelet will have 6 labradorite beads with varying number of sandalwood beads based on customers wrist size. Labradorite and sandalwood are approximately 6-7mm in size.

BEADS: labradorite, sandalwood

Legend has it that the Northern Lights were once stuck inside rocks until a brave Inuit warrior freed most of them by hitting the rocks with a spear. The rocks that were not hit, still have those Northern Lights within them. That is why labradorite is said to be a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance.

Sandalwood with its sweet fragrance has been found to provide mental clarity and help reduce anxiety. It is also relaxing and calming, helping making one feel at peace without the feelings of drowsiness. Research has that sandalwood brings about a feeling of harmony along with present, clear and calm awareness. All of these factors make it a very popular choice in malas for meditation and daily wear.


Bracelet may be up to 1/4 inch larger than size but will never be smaller than the size you order. To determine your wrist size, wrap a string or cloth ruler around the smallest part of your wrist. Order your wrist size for a snug but comfortable fit. Order 1 size up for a looser fit. If you are between sizes, we recommend ordering up. You are welcome to leave a note at checkout as to your exact size and we will do the best to match that.


  • 6-7mm size beads
  • bronze or silver tone glass bead spacers
  • strung on stretch cord
  • Made in Seattle, WA


Stack one of these along any of our other bracelets for a new look!

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