Luminous Spirit Mala Wrap


Our Luminous Spirit Mala Wrap is a harmonious blend of natural elements designed to illuminate your spiritual journey. Crafted with lightweight kadamba wood beads, this versatile piece seamlessly transitions between a wrap bracelet and a necklace, offering flexibility in how you wish to wear it, and is perfectly suited for use in your meditation practice.

At its heart lies a single, larger labradorite bead serving as the guru bead. Labradorite, renowned for its iridescent flashes, embodies the magic of transformation and inner radiance. Paired with the gentle feather charm, symbolizing the courage to embrace change and the freedom to explore new horizons, wearing this mala becomes a powerful talisman for personal evolution. Accompanying your meditation practice, this piece invites you to explore the depths of your luminous spirit with each mindful breath.

  • 108 kadamba wood beads
  • 24x18x7mm size labradorite (~ 1x.7x.3″)
  • measures between 32-33 inches around
  • sterling silver feather charm (designed & crafted by Ritual Gems)

This is a 108 bead knotted mala. It has 108 wood beads + a larger guru bead. The sizing can vary slightly, due to fluctuations in the wood bead size and how the knots in the cord can tighten over time, especially when pulled over your hand repeatedly, allowing more room between each bead. Custom versions for larger wrist sizes are available by adding additional knots, evenly placed around the mala. Contact us for more information on sizing.

More information about the wood used in this mala:

The Kadamba Tree is a large, evergreen tree with beautiful & unique flowers. It is a fast growing tree making it a sustainable choice for wood. It is considered sacred by many and often planted near temples.

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