Peaceful Elephant Prayer Beads

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Our Peaceful Elephant Mala Prayer beads are hand-crafted with 108 beads and an open-frame lotus pendant.  If features genuine sandalwood, howlite and amazonite beads.

Elephants are a symbol of physical and mental strength, as well as responsibility and earthiness. They are considered to bring good luck and prosperity.

Sandalwood with its sweet fragrance has been found to provide mental clarity and help reduce anxiety. It is also relaxing and calming, helping making one feel at peace without the feelings of drowsiness. Research has that sandalwood brings about a feeling of harmony along with present, clear and calm awareness. All of these factors make it a very popular choice in malas for meditation and daily wear.

Howlite has a lovely soothing energy and one of the best uses for these stones is to use them in your daily meditation. Their soothing calming energy will help you to relax, and gently ease into peaceful inner awareness.

Amazonite is particularly rejuvenating to the Heart and Throat Chakras, enhancing loving communication on all levels.


  • 108 8mm beads
  • approximate length: 31″
  • strung on thick stretch cord
  • stainless steel elephant charm
  • can be worn as necklace or wrap bracelet
  • Designed & crafted in Seattle, WA


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