Radiant Helix Necklace


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

Our Radiant Helix Necklace is a captivating blend of elements designed to bring balance and positive energy into your life. The centerpiece is a stunning double-terminated crystal quartz pendant that exudes clarity and strength. Pyrite and tourmaline intertwine in a mesmerizing pattern, evoking the graceful structure of a double helix.

The crystal quartz pendant amplifies inner strength and mental clarity, creating a harmonious foundation for your well-being. Its double-terminated design facilitates a seamless flow of energy, creating a sense of equilibrium. The intertwining of pyrite and tourmaline in a double helix formation is not merely aesthetic; it symbolizes the harmonious dance between grounding strength and protective energy. Each pyrite bead, with its captivating sparkle, mirrors the resilience found in the natural world, while the green tourmaline beads form a comforting embrace, akin to the nurturing forces of the universe. The double helix pattern serves as a subtle reminder of the interconnectedness of energies, guiding you through moments of introspection and self-discovery.



  • necklace is 19 inches around
  • 3mm faceted pyrite beads
  • 2x5mm green & olive tourmaline beads
  • double pointed crystal pendant is 23mm wide, 42mm tall & 12mm thick
  • gold-plated brass hook & eye clasp


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