Ritual Gift Card


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Only one gift card can be purchased per transaction. If you do not find the gift card in the increment you want, you can make multiple purchases, or contact the shop at hello@ritualgems.com and we will be happy to create a custom amount for you in the dropdown menu (Please allow up to 24hours for us to update this for you).

Please note: The Gift Card is sent virtually to your recipient with no physical copy. For a physical certificate you can print at home to gift yourself, please contact the shop before purchase.

Want to send the gift card to someone yourself? 
First, and most importantly, enter your own email address in the ‘recipient’s email’ field. You will receive the gift card code in a separate email from your receipt. Then you can forward the gift card email to your recipient. This is ideal if you wish to send it on a specific date, or want it to come directly from you. Gift card’s are not tied to any person or email specifically, and can be used by anyone with the code.

Do you have a gift card to redeem?
Look for the “Have a Square Gift Card?” box above the credit card field at checkout. If you do not use the full amount in one transaction, it will tell you how much remains after your purchase.


Gift Cards are not refundable for cash.