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Sardonyx Palm Stone


Sardonyx, a banded agate stone has a very interesting and intricate banding pattern in varying shades of orange, amber, brown, and white. Each sardonyx palm stone pattern is created by mother nature and looks like an art piece. No two stones are ever alike.

You will receive the exact stone of your choice from our selection in the photos. Photos show various angles so you can get a better idea of the varying patterns and shades of each stone.

Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength. It is associated with stamina, vigor, and self-control.

Beyond being a lovely adornment for your home, studio or altar, this tumbled stone is just the right size and weight to hold during meditation to bring a tactile object to ground and focus upon. Its unique banding and interesting patterns also make it an especially interesting object for Trataka or gazing meditation.


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