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Our Shimmer Zafu invites you to experience serene moments of relaxation and focus during your mindfulness practice. Handmade with care, this meditation cushion blends tranquility with style, creating a supportive space for your meditation journey.

Crafted from high-quality upholstery fabric, the Shimmer Zafu boasts durability that stands the test of time. The top & bottom feature a luxuriously soft dark grey velvet, providing a comfortable surface for your meditation sessions. The sides, adorned with a metallic shimmery silver fabric and a subtle pattern, add an elegant touch to your sacred space.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the ergonomic structure aligns your spine, alleviating stress on your sit bones and knees. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your meditation journey, the Shimmer Zafu offers a foundation for deeper and more accessible meditation.

Measuring approximately 16 inches wide when stuffed, with a 12-inch inner circle and a height of 5-6 inches when fully filled, this cushion provides ample support. The added handle ensures easy portability – slide it over your lower arm and take your moments of tranquility wherever you go. The zipper beneath the handle allows you to customize the filling to suit your personal preference.

Embrace the beauty of mindfulness with our Shimmer Zafu, your companion for cultivating moments of peace and presence.

Handmade with love by Natalie Flowers in Austin, TX

*Each cushion is filled with approximately 5lbs of buckwheat hulls. This fills the cushion most of the way, allowing enough room for the cushion to conform to your seat. Our buckwheat hulls are grown and processed in the USA. They are dust, pest and chemical free.

NOTE: We typically have buckwheat hulls on hand and stuff each cushion when they are ordered. In rare cases, we may be waiting on a restock which can take about a week. 

Note: we try to ensure our photos are as true to life as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product, as computer monitors display colors differently and everyone can see these colors differently. Please read our descriptions for more information and reach out to us for further clarification.


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  1. Rosemary

    The fabric and stitching are incredibly high quality. You can really tell there is a lot of love put into these cushions!

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