Tranquil Sky Mala


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In stock

This mala invites you to embrace serenity and balance in your daily journey. Our Tranquil Sky Mala is crafted with beautifully chatoyant moonstone beads, along with accents of blue lace agate and lapis lazuli, this mala is imbued with calming energies reminiscent of a peaceful cloudy sky.

Made with love and care, a knot is tied between each bead for both strength and ease in using for meditation. Crafted with the smaller 6mm beads, this mala is ideal for both adornment as a necklace and for use in your japa mala meditation, where it is suited best for smaller hands. The focal point, a delicate feather pendant serving as the guru bead, symbolizes freedom and lightness, inviting you to soar above life’s challenges.  Hand-selected for their soothing properties, moonstone fosters emotional balance and intuition, while blue lace agate promotes tranquility and lapis lazuli enhances inner wisdom. Together, they form a harmonious blend, guiding you towards serenity with every bead. As a final touch, a small teardrop blue lace agate adorns the back, offering an extra dose of calmness and harmony.

Whether you seek moments of stillness or seek to soar in your spiritual journey, our Tranquil Sky Mala is here to accompany you, offering a gentle reminder of the vast expanse of possibility that awaits. Embrace the tranquility and let your spirit take flight.


  • 108 6mm natural gemstone mala beads
  • a teardrop shaped blue lace agate sits after the 54th bead
  • Ritual Gems exclusive sterling silver feather pendant serves as the guru bead
  • knotted on strong lilac colored cord
  • our signature handmade, super-soft tassel
  • 108 mala beads measure approximately 30.5 inches around
  • Made by Liz Nichols


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