Triple Quartz Tassel Necklace


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Our Tassel Necklace Collection incorporates the essence of a mala with the intention of adornment.

This long petite sandalwood beaded necklace features irregular shaped rutilated quartz beads with small red iron inclusions. The red rutilated quartz beads are all unique in size, shape and level of rutilation but all are mostly clear with subtle red rutile crystals. Each necklace is unique!

Rutilated Quartz is filled with thin, threads of minerals that are often referred to as Venus hairs. The rutiles can be many different colors—golden, red, orange, silver, pink or many more—and they are believed to infuse your body with divine light to energize your chakras. Rutilated Quartz is said to be a very powerful crystal to have and to wear! Emitting etheric and angelic vibrations, it illuminates the soul, cleansing and energizing it. Rutile Quartz encourages spiritual growth, removing barriers and blockages that may be in the way. It is also believed to filter negative energy, helping to lift dark moods, soothe anxiety and relieve stress.

Sandalwood with its sweet fragrance has been found to provide mental clarity and help reduce anxiety. It is also relaxing and calming, helping making one feel at peace without the feelings of drowsiness. Research has that sandalwood brings about a feeling of harmony along with present, clear and calm awareness. All of these factors make it a very popular choice in malas for meditation and daily wear.


  • 4mm sandalwood beads
  • Czech seed beads
  • 3 tumbled rutilated quartz beads
  • hand-made rusty orange tassel (it is a more muted tone than photos suggest)
  • 2 inch long tassel


  • beaded part of necklace is approximately 32 inches around
  • aid flat, from back to end of tassel measures 19 inches
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